Co-creating in 3 easy steps

The Law of Attraction says every thought or feeling vibrates, it emits a signal and attracts a corresponding signal. Similar vibrations attract each other. Thus, bringing situations, people, things and experiences that match the vibe emitted by Self. It also says you have the ability to create the reality you live in, through your thoughts and dominant feelings. Basically, you create your own experience.


This typically does not sit well with many. Especially among those who consider themselves victim of a particular situation. Additionally, it raises many other questions such as: What about creating an accident or even a disease? Should patients feel guilty about that? Is a baby able to create its own reality? What about those who tried these concepts and failed? How to understand the implications of such “laws”?

So what is it?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to jump the paradigm. To master the laws of co-creation, one must first expand their perception of reality.


Consider this:

1 – Creating your ripples.

When you want to create an experience, you do not need to ask for it with words but with intent. Thoughts and feelings are waves and vibrate at specific frequencies. A strong intention is that in which thoughts and feelings are laser-focused and coherent.

If you wish for something NOT to happen, you are still creating a situation within your vibrational field when you give it a thought-form.

Thinking of something repeatedly is unnecessary. Instead, you should start creating the emotions as if the desired outcome already exists. For the Truth be told, it already does exist on a multidimensional level. The waves that carry the possibility of bringing the experience into this reality already exists in the quantum field.

The time that will take for it to travel from another dimension into this one depends on Self. One should try andĀ eliminate all other forms of fear such as anxiety and doubt. That is the beginning of attraction.

2- Resonance Identifiers

Unity consciousness only understands the language of vibrations and will respond to your request with similar vibrations (same frequency).

As long as you do not oscillate the desire, the signals will start to arrive within the linear time. In fact, the thought-form is created instantly on another dimension, perception of its arrival is contingent upon Self. Interference is caused by emanating waves of different frequencies from the original. This aborts the process.

Until you start perceiving your “request” manifesting into this reality, occupy yourself keeping a focus on what you want while sustaining the feelings related to your desire as if it had already happened, being grateful for it. When acting upon it, follow the inspiration received by your Higher Self when you were aligned with unity consciousness.

3 – Allowing Self to receive

There is a constant flow of well-being and abundance in the Universe. One can resist or surrender to it. The feeling is the key that allows one to receive what you asked for. When the feeling is intense, positive or negative, your intention and capacity of manifestation are big. When the prevailing feelings are positive, you are allowing the realization of what you want as it aligns with your essence, which is joyful, loving and abundant. When they are negative you are rejecting what is being offered, as the vibrational alignment with your essence is non-existent.

One should also overcome the resistance the ego imposes and gradually let their essence to vibrate closer to unity consciousness so that it can act in alignment with what you want for Self.

A good way to practice is by taking notice of how you feel more regularly. This is the best way to know what choices you are making, by attuning to the now and observing your emotions. The better you feel, stronger is the connection between your desire and manifestation. Often, manifestations do not occur because it’s vibrational patterns are inconsistent with those of what you wished for. This is typically caused by fixation of mental habits such as complaining, condemning, blame, fear.


The best thing to do is to slowly and gradually abandon negative thoughts and feelings you have come to cultivate (anger, frustration, guilt, intolerance, etc.). This includes attention that you give to bad news in the media. If you have not yet found enough balance to not let if affect you negatively, avoid them completely.

Pay attention to your feelings and intentionally choose the thoughts that make you feel good, about everything.

When you do not feel well, seek immediately for anything that brings well-being. Surround yourself with what resonates with Self: People, places, animals, nature, music, books, movies, etc. The sooner the better as it creates a spiraling cycle of positive changes into your life. All you need to do is relax and accept them.

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