Emotional balance starts within.

Your body is going through changes. These changes are energetic in nature and require some physical adjustments to be made in addition to the awareness of its energetic principles. Understanding these changes will facilitate a conscious, more comfortable transition.


In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver, from the energy point of view, is closely involved with the gallbladder (posture and decisions), but also with eyes (sense of sight), shoulders, knees and tendons (flexibility) , nails, breasts and all the female reproductive tract.

But its most important role is no doubt about the emotional and affective balance.
The energy imbalance can manifest in various ways. insomnia, migraine, hypertension, digestive problems, PMS, etc.

Problems related to the liver may be due to lack or excess of circulating energy. A good example is excessive anger, more precisely repressed anger and energy in empty frame, we procrastination and paralyzing fear or panic disorder. The stagnation of liver energy flow often unbalanced emotional, producing feelings of frustration and anger. These same emotions can lead to a dysfunction in the liver, resulting in an endless cycle of cause and effect.

Like all emotions, good or bad, they pass through the liver, should not repress them infinitely. Repression of emotions causes a blockage of energy that leads to excessive heat in the liver.

The eyes are the external manifestation of the liver. In other words, the liver governs the sense of sight. Thus, vision disorders will signal any change in the liver. The most common are: conjunctivitis, red eyes without inflammation, itches, “view” dry, weak, fuzzy or blurred vision, sty, bright dots that appear in the visual field and others.
The tear is the internal secretion which helps to relieve the liver, one should not stifle the cry, not to cry is bad for health. Therefore, tears of joy are much healthy indeed.

The liver governs the shoulder joints and knees and also generally tendons. Thus, the bursitis and knee pain without apparent cause are signs of impaired liver energy. Tendinitis and frequent stretches are also in this table.

The whole body is associated with an organ which in the case of liver and gallbladder. Briefly, the vesicle acts maintaining postural balance. All frames of dizziness, vertigo, labyrinthitis are connected to it. Rege mandibular seasoning joint (TMJ). All the voltages are retained in the liver can be discharged in this region and produce bruxism, which is above the grinding teeth, which manifests more frequently during sleep.

How’s your liver?
What kind of food / feeling you have been nourished?


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