Saint Germain: Resonance and Ascension

Beloved Masters,

What a great opportunity I find in front of me, to bring energy and knowledge to our mutual aid. Know that in bringing these words to you, I am also assisting myself. After all, the chances of finding you, great masters, open-hearted to exchange the sacred energies that Self brings does not come everyday. Such opportunity brings me much Joy.

I bring a loving flame I hold in my heart for you. It is an incomprehensible love to your consciousness in a temporarily limiting state. This love is also for the path that runs through transmutation of the whole planet to higher levels of consciousness.

Self has left a dark, dense area where you could not see the horizon right ahead. It was an evening without light to illuminate. Now arriving at a point where the horizon is clear, bright, benevolent, radiant, overwhelmed by the kindness of the energy of transmutation.

The world quickly changes and it is bathed by energies that lead ever closer to an expanded state of consciousness, which will leave no doubt around the magic and abundance that already permeates in love, providing assistance and benevolence.

My teachers, we maintain subtle levels of vibrational energies, which we can already leak them to your world due to the energetic levels being able to self-sustain. Radiating them to aid the mission Self has accepted in love and commitment to the creation of ALL THAT IS.

We are joined by heavenly beings from all over the cosmos, to support YOU. It is a process of unimaginable proportions to its current levels of understanding, the grandeur that is.

This benevolent work is sanitizing your world, cleaning the old and obsolete patterns of energy that have come to live. Their bodies are being transmuted so that they can sustain loving energies increasingly subtle in goodwill to all beings and all creation. For this reason your consciousness will decompress gradually, accepting higher standards and beneficial elements to your world.

You begin to recognize the deserving of something better, something that is in line with your current vibrational levels of being. Humanity is recognized as children of the creator, worthy to receive all the wealth He offers to their children. The old becomes uninteresting because it simply does not resonate in this Now. And so, taking the mind away from these ancient elements, ceases their reason to exist in this world and back to their realities.

For the moment, Self goes through an existential emptiness, where the old does not resonate and the new is not yet fully implemented. But the important thing is that Self already envisions the New, as the old has nothing left to say.

Picture this: As the consciousness expands, the old becomes boring, stale, uninteresting, causing them to seek new ways. This demand releases the creative energy Self brought along prior to coming to this Now, thus creating a new reality.

My heart is filled with joy at being able to present this simple process to which they are reviving your own creative energies, visualizing the New and better ways of being, of doing things. This simple display in the communion of the heart will, one that truly resonates with your being, transmute the old ways simply by no longer accepting it to resonate.

Self recognizes being worthy of something better, beginning to create a new and better world of peace, understanding and abundance.

As thus expanding the consciousness, you raise your vibrational levels. Everything that was built under the support dense and obsolete energy, which caused them to containment of conscience, begins to crumble. And this for a simple reason: The planet itself has shifted its focus because it no longer resonates with these old energies.

It’s all much simpler than conceive, but no less magnificent and majestic. It is the creation, in favor of the creator, showing all divine perfection. And you are at the heart of this process, teaching all creation what it means to be a master of your spiritual source.

Yes dear Ones, do not look down. Carry out such a beautiful and magnificent work without having access to all of your consciousness is only for those who hold a strong heart, full of faith, love and benevolence. So you were chosen because you have the most reliable sources of all creation, carrying them into your hearts.

From our perspective we see today, my beloved, as great souls, much larger than we thought you were when accepted to make this commitment. And so I thank you, for it only took a spiritual position in this beautiful process because I knew I could count on you, the best! Those chosen because of the unique and irreplaceable gifts that supported all of it.

Thanks to the work you do and the flame you kept burning, very soon we will see wonderful manifestations in your world.

I am Saint Germain and therefore I ask you to accept the truth which is before you.

Channeled by @IamAshtar


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