Ascended Master Wisdom: The New Energy

Children of One, my beloved heavenly masters, open Self to the universal benevolence that has always been and always will be yours.

I come to you on this day, my beloved Ones, with a sweet task which is to tell you about the sacred energy that moves your world to the planetary ascension. A recurring topic, yes, but I come with the task of bringing a different approach around this.

Beloved children, your world is destined to the rise of energy to the higher spheres of the heart. Your bodies are prepared to receive these energies, expanding them to the point of unification of the hearts to all that exists.

However, my teachers, little has been said about the personality change that you have experienced in recent years. A sweeter, friendlier personality is being reborn within, in which Self accepts more tranquility to the adversity that the physical world imposes.

This change in behavior affects all beings of this planetary sphere and obviously more strongly to human form, which were the great actors of resistance to the benevolent energies that radiate in the cosmos at the moment.

Your hearts are placed in one, so that resistance cease to exist, putting aside the low energies which limited the conscience of all mankind. With the arrival of new energy, consciousness expands, decompresses it and at the same time comes the spirit in all its greatness and perfection. The spiritual consciousness is manifested in the physical, free of ego bonds that used to rely on dense forms energies. In the end, all the benevolent energy that reaches your world has the divine purpose of releasing your being from the density bonds, putting spirit into manifestation of freedom and allowing the divine perfection of your being to be manifested on the ground.

This is the process Self has been experiencing and therefore perceive changes in behavior within, then all those who live more closely and finally behaving in collective communities, countries and of humanity itself. Understand the complexity of this process, starting from the individual liberation, puts humanity into divine perfection with everything that exists.

The divine perfection will continue to manifest itself through a continuous process of growth and release, which has the ultimate aim of allowing the irradiation of spiritual gifts to all sacred beings that inhabit this planet today. The spiritual greatness will manifest itself through the energetic density you live in today and thus affecting the behavior of all others in this world. It is the most beautiful and complex process ever seen in this cosmos, growth and release of the spirit with the preparation of the physical body to allow irradiation of the beauty of the beings that today are using these temporary robes.

Your bodies are modified through the benevolent energies, the bonds of consciousness are put aside, allowing the manifestation of your entire beings through the physical density, causing the spiritual beauty to radiate into the world and change it substantially. This is the process that will release this world of harsh conditions that exist today, but notice it as part of itself.

Freedom of spirit is what allows the modification of the external world, for there is no other sustainable and safer way. Without this process you would not be able to sustain the new Earth, more benevolent and easy to live where Self can enjoy all the abundance available in the universe. Otherwise, humanity would return to old patterns.

Therefore, beautiful children LIGHT, yearn to change. Look inwards first and show gratitude when Self perceives the subtlety when egoistic behavior is released, behaviors which controlled you for centuries of your linear time, now released from this world. For this process will turn Humanity into a spiritually-mature species, providing conditions for graceful and sustainable support for the new times to come.

Be reminded that you were, are and always will be responsible for the conduct of your world and should be prepared to take on this enormous responsibility that the creator has given all of you, with all His love and kindness. The more you heed this process of inner change, the faster and safer will be the transformation of your outside world. One does not exist without the other because the creator is everything.

I am Koot Hoomi, a brother who loves you deeply and much gratitude for manifesting this opportunity.

Channeled by @IamAshtar


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