Angelic Wisdom: Is Patience a virtue?

Many of you believe that patience is a virtue. We certainly agree that it is a divine attribute to have. Did you know that it is actually a by-product of acceptance, faith and trust?

You see, when you are in power of acceptance, faith and trust, you drop out of need to see something as wrong.

Impatience is the result of thinking that things should be different from how they are presenting and experiencing frustration because of this conviction.

When you approach life with acceptance, complete faith and trust, you understand everything that is happening is divinely perfect, and there is nothing left to do but to BE.

So we would say to them that if you are willing to have more patience instead of working on that individual element itself, you may wish to reinforce the foundation of patience which is composed of acceptance, faith and trust. Once these elements are positioned, tolerance will come naturally and your life will become more peaceful and satisfying than ever.

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