Channeled message – The Garden

Self can sense it. Be open to receive the energy radiating these words bring because it is I, your friend Emmanuel.

We have been together before; we sat in my garden for many, many times.

Close your eyes and remember those times we spent in this lovely resort. Look at the beauty of this place. We were there sitting side by side and in those moments, I felt what ailed you and guided you, emanating loving energy from my heart, I welcomed you with all the love of my being.

Feel my love for you in this Now, because once again you are right here by my side, in the same garden, and I thank you for visiting me.

This space was built especially to receive you. Yes, for you deserve all the blessings of this world and I would not receive a being so beloved anywhere less special, this garden has been made for you with all my love.

My beloved, what joy, we are together!

Look around and see the beauty of this garden. Breathe, breathe slowly, again, listen to the angelic singing, look at the vegetation that surrounds us, the flowers, and feel the energy of this place, there is something beautiful there in the background!

It is yours and it was made for you, therefore it looks exactly the way you envisioned. It has the ability to bring your dreams into reality because it was perfectly created by you. How do you feel in this wonderful place?

We are here; I am your loving friend and can alleviate or just listen. Yes, because I listen without judgment, I see the perfection of your being, and so I am very pleased to be with you and listen to you.

However, notice how this place no longer has afflictions, they are gone because the integrity of your being is truthful with its essence.

Notice how easy it is to seek peace within your heart. It is at your fingertips all the time, just come back to my garden whenever you want, because it was specially made to welcome you and whenever you want to be here. All you needs to do is to wish to be back.

This is our secret space where you can come to me and always find me whenever you want.

Moreover, every time you come into my garden you end up finding the sacred space of your heart. Relieved, here you breathe in peace and afflictions are gone. Feel the wonderful air that goes into your being.

Breathe again and look at the garden, because we are still here. Just breathe…

This garden is the sacred space of your heart, the place you always find your peace of mind. This is your sacred space. Keep checking back here dear One, as often as you need because your beauty radiates here and I can hug you with all my love.

I am Emmanuel and thank you for receiving me within the sacred space of your heart.

Note from the channeler: Emmanuel seems to be a title, not a name.


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