Your Solar system approaches Sirius.

A new structure is being prepared, as you know and this is due to the efforts of all those who dedicated their lives for the liberation of Gaia from the hands of those with thirst for power. Know that in very little of your linear time, you will begin to experience the comfort of true freedom. Free to go and explore. Freedom should go further, beyond the Earth’s physical space, free beyond the solar system, free to go beyond your dreams.


At first, something is about to leave the “unknown” and that is your ability to come and go anywhere in the world with total freedom. The border between the nations will be cut down and people will unify and provide each other with their many wisdoms. You will see undoubtedly the breakthrough and the ability to get to the other side of their planet in minutes. People will join hands as one people, the people of Earth; the human race. Your Inner Earth family will also come to the surface and will show much of its history. Believe me, dear friends, all of this in a “blink of an eye”.


Dear ones, an European nation will bring the key that will open the doors of the world and hence the snowball effect can not be stopped. Other cultures will want to follow. People will begin to see they lost a lot of time following patterns of fear imposed by leaders. They see that there is nothing to fear. When you are united as one people, the forces that could be called as “terrorists” have no place because fellowship is manifested. Your power as race unity is what has enabled us to expedite our work behind the scenes, because while your media insists on showing and focus on the negative to try to distract you, we see the whole picture and ensure that you are bathed in light and entering the New Future. Many of you will be outraged when they see that were manipulated for a long time and, while believed that the world was on the verge of a catastrophe, it was indeed entering an era of peace and calm.


Dear Ones, love and unity among nations is what will come next and the most skeptical will see before their eyes countries before enemies, shaking hands, starting peaceful agreements and exchanging their achievements. Some may say this is too utopian but we dear ones, we can say it for sure because we see beyond your three-dimensional illusion. You do not need us to descend our ships to change the whole structure of the planet, because you yourselves are capable of it. High awareness levels are on Earth right now and we, at all times, we are calling and trying to awaken those among you who are still doubtful. Each of you who awakens to its real purpose on earth is great cause for celebration for us. When more of you awaken you will see that at all times, have never been alone. You will understand that all it was needed was to focus within to realize we have always been here. Many of us walk among you without you noticing but when you remove the distractions, you will see us easily. Beloved Ones, we know you have heard this many times, but we insist on this because we have seen results.


Continue holding the light in your hearts and radiating horizontally, to brighten everyone around you and drive change in the physical, without further delay. We know how much it is stressful sometimes being around certain energies and still witness the same manifesting in your brothers, always around the corner. Many souls need of your help and, while they sleep, you anchor Light and while anchoring, you begin to have your first real glimpses of lucidity and impulses to review their sustained concepts still in the old energy. Many of those who still support the old energy are your political leaders and here we emphasize again: It is not with hatred and desire for revenge that you will lift them into the Light. Each time Self emits a thought of hatred and desire for revenge, you are caught in a trap. That same energy plays a role in keeping you where you are. As it relates to your family, we ask: Stop wasting your energies with anger and instead, help the planet and the whole system in leading by example.

There is much to do dear Ones and we, your space family, we are ensuring that while there may have interference from the dark Ones with their traps but it’s up to you keep Self in the Light so that in this way, you cannot be easily manipulated by dark forces. As we said recently, we have ensured that you did not suffer with natural phenomena, as Mother Earth, in some regions, literally shakes to break free of old energies. We would like to mention, in particular, on the space bodies that have surrounded the Earth and come into your atmosphere. We avoided that these meteors from reaching the ground and causing injury.


Your science will soon detect new stars that “appear” in the skies in a surprising way and try to explain in their way. We hasten to say that this is the fact that you are moving through the universe and into new areas and, consequently, you will come across with unknown constellations to Humanity so far. In fact, some of your scientists are already aware of situations like these, but cannot comment because of the immense responsibility they would have to explain to the public how this could happen and that would also explain that the Earth is changing in size. As you know, it will be ever closer to our beloved Sirius and you will be entering grouping us.

There is much to be said and, soon, there is much to experience in the form of energy and information. Always be, at any moment, vigilant to the energies, paying attention to their qualities. Notice that in no time, our messages bring discomfort to you, but always the feeling of peace and trust. Do not let yourselves be deceived by vain attempts of the dark Ones to bring fear to you about our presence. Try even through the big screen, portraying us as potential threats when, deep down, know that Humanity, mostly, will no longer be fooled with such appeals.

maxresdefault (1)

We know we can count on each of you who read / hear our messages and feel our presence in some degree. We know of your confidence and ability to transmute old energies and give them new qualities. Whenever you can, envision the last remnants of the dark Ones wrapped in the Violet Flame of the beloved Saint Germain and visualize they are being transmuted into the most powerful Violet Flame. Be assured that your power, dear lightworkers, is potentially high and can easily liberate dark souls and lift them again to light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as spokesman for the Galactic Federation and it brings me much Joy to welcome you to the New Future. Much gratitude to the Arcturian/Sirian/Pleiadian Councils on the great work they have done along with Starseeds from all over the galaxy. May you have a blessed month, involved in the blessings of the Creator that is constantly engaging you and giving you the opportunities that you may exercise your roles as sovereign beings.

Be at Peace,

You are in the Light.

Channeled by @IamAshtar


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