The Ascension Flame.

I am Serapis Bey and I keep in my heart the ascension flame. This flame, anchored on the temple of Luxor, will bring energetic balance to your bodies and the unification of your chakras to the heart, causing them to act in balance and perfection, opening them to all creation offers you.

All those who stand with mastery and balance in the times to come, will be bathed in this flame I sustain in my heart. This flame will highlight the spirit in everything we undertake, in love suppressing the ego personality, making your Divine gifts radiate while you find pleasure in everything you propose to do.

Those who wish to integrate the ascension flame however, should know the importance of discipline for its support, for only the loving disciplined Ones are allowed the irradiation of the whole truth of their being. Yes dear Ones, only the disciplined bodies will be balanced enough to unify their chakras, giving conditions to be opened to receive this powerful burst of energy of divine perfection. The discipline that involves your mental balance, not allowing the power of the mind and its rationality prevent them from raising your vibrations, bringing them to the energy of fear and separation. The discipline that involves the emotional balance of not allowing the vibrational involvement in the affairs and problems that the external world presents you, leading you to imbalances such as anger, jealousy, control and other unloving energies. The physical balance, which keeps it active and healthy bodies, prepared for the challenges that the world has offer. And most importantly, the discipline of spiritual alignment that radiate the beautiful gifts of their being, providing them with full mastery that only the spirit is able to do so, leading them to understand and express their higher truth over the egoistic energy of the lower personality.

Self-sustaining the balance of your bodies will amplify the vibration level of your being, bringing you closer to unifying your hearts to all that is. It is time, my children, to open up the ascension flame, disciplining your bodies and minds to keep the highest vibrational level that it can sustain, not allowing the imbalance will destabilize the detriment of your beings. To do so, sustain good thoughts, to view the beautiful images that have within yourselves about your world, make positive affirmations, take care of your breath, walk in nature, meditate, relax, forgive, love, seek what brings you joy and well-being or that process that helps you to maintain the balance of whole being. Make it your daily commitment as it will be this disciplined effort that will keep you at the highest energy level and increasingly close to us. Keeping you in balance, we can approach and help Self with our benevolent energy, guiding them.

Notice Dear Ones, the responsibility in receiving; is all yours. Holding your own loving discipline and applying it to your beings, rise and allow us to interact in joy and benevolence. Open up to greet us keeping you proud and balanced, I will bring the flame rise ever closer to your being so that we can amplify your strength and presence in this world, radiating it to all those who commit themselves with all their being to rise to the loving energy of divine perfection. To all those who commit themselves and take this way, I thank you deeply.

In so doing, I promise that I will approach bathing Self with the flame of ascension I sustain out of the deep love I feel for each and every one of you. Allow the manifestation of divine perfection. That’s all I ask you with all my heart.

Serapis Bey



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