Self is not afraid of emotions.

It is fascinating that so many people went to extraordinary lengths to avoid being with your feelings. They are endlessly distracted, fill every moment of every day with business, electronics, consumed with the behavior of others and various ways to numb through substance abuse. As the emotions are stronger and stronger in their desire to be heard, the effort required to drown them becomes bigger and bigger.

Over time, these people end up exhausted and sick, creating some sort of crisis in their lives that requires them to finally decelerate.

Dear Ones, your emotions are not to be feared! They are wonderful indicators of what honors you, what you truly need and who you really are. Why you would want to deny the exact things that allow you to express your charming humanity? Their resistance to emotions is what causes them discomfort, not the emotions themselves. Most of emotions, just like you, are wishing to be heard and recognized, and then is happy to continue its path.

Many of you have expanded your emotions to the point of something much larger than they need to be. Sit down with them. Make friends with them. See that they are not so scary after all! Honor all of them and love them as much as the human that feels, and you will find a surprisingly pleasant tranquility.
Once you lose your fear of what you might consider less desirable emotions, you will discover the treasure full of charming traits that will enable you finally fall in love truly and madly in love with yourself and this, Dear Ones, is what creates the self-acceptance that you have sought .

Much Light and Love to all.


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