The goal of vibrations is to plant the seeds of power rather than yearning.

Well-being requires exploration. We exist as sub-atomic particles.

Only a seeker of the dreamscape may create this osmosis of knowledge.

The world is calling to you via supercharged electrons. Can you hear it? How should you navigate this infinite biosphere? Have you found your story?


Although you may not realize it, you are sentient. It can be difficult to know where to begin. Prophet, look within and strengthen yourself.

The complexity of the present time seems to demand a flowering of our bodies if we are going to survive. Where there is materialism, faith cannot thrive. You must take a stand against discontinuity.

Interconnectedness is the richness of conscious living, and of us.

You may be ruled by discontinuity without realizing it. Do not let it eliminate the nature of your story. Suffering is born in the gap where hope has been excluded. We can no longer afford to live with selfishness.

To navigate the myth is to become one with it. Nothing is impossible. Karma is a constant.


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